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PAC releases ... Manifesto Beyond 2015
Pet Advisory Committee (PAC) members have discussed some practical ways to make implementation of the current legislation work better rather than pushing for new legislation in the next Parliament....

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Welcome to the Pet Advisory Committee website. Our remit is:


To be recognised as the best informed group of organisations on legislation governing the ownership and welfare of pet animals in the UK;


To encourage the introduction of effective legislation by influencing Government and key opinion formers;


To represent the most appropriate view on such matters (via its membership) in order to ensure its recommendations are pertinent, reasonable, comprehensive and enhance the welfare of pet animals.


We hope you find the information on this site useful. Please visit the briefings section of the site for our Pets and Housing guide and Animal Welfare Officer's Handbook. Please see our new Guidelines on Pet Management for Housing Providers.

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Should microchipping for cats and dogs be compulsory? +  


Should microchipping for cats and dogs be compulsory?: